A goal every follower of Christ should have…

Somewhere along the way… oh say, maybe 5 minutes post salvation prayer…we forget where we’ve come from & just all that Christ did for us to get us where we are. I’m not talking about the recognition of Him dying for our salvation. I’m referring to the fact that it’s now easier to see other’s […]

Fast pace…& Focus!

Life is just so fast paced. When I sit down and realize it’s been several weeks, really almost 2 months!! since I have posted on here, it just doesn’t seem possible, although I know so much has happened. We can’t begin to express our gratitude to everyone (ALWAYS) for their prayers for us. Just a […]

Quick update on the DeLawders

(Already shared on FB 3-6-14) Just wanted to do a quick update for everyone (from Sara): The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for our family. As of our last post we were on the road to a concert in Canyon Lake, TX. We were 10 minutes out and I got a call that […]

East Bound

We are so excited for our month long trip to the eastern states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas! We have missed all the familiar faces and look forward to meeting and seeing new ones. Bear with us as we work to get all the details lined up and posted on the calendar […]

On The Road Again!

Wow! We are excited that we are going to get to do some more travel dates! There are some select dates on our calendar that we are going to be traveling and ministering. We would love to come to your church or event! Keep a watch on our BRAND NEW and AMAZING website for all […]

God Speaking in Simplistic Ways

We had a great time at Central Baptist Church in Carthage, TX this last weekend! As it seems typical for us to forget either something at home, or at the church when we leave – this time it was a cable at home we needed for the sound system. Before the service started, the girls […]

A New Website & Renewed Spirit

The design is new. Our spirit is renewed. And we want to share it with you. Within these pages you will find photos, video, music and more. New content is being added all the time now and we want you to have reason to come back and see us. So, here is what we recommend. […]